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A woman of no importance (Cybernetics Oratorium)

An elderly woman who decides to burn all of her possessions (i.e., her memories) and to start all over. A girl who is kidnapped and murdered. A cyborg or robot who is subject to sexual and domestic slavery, becomes aware of herself and then rebels through pain as her weapon for freedom.

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Lisa Moore - De La Chica, Preludes Op. 8

Described as “brilliant and searching… beautiful and impassioned… lustrous at the keyboard” by The New York Times and crowned “New York’s queen of avant-garde piano” and “visionary” by The New Yorker, the celebrated pianist Lisa Moore releases a her album DE LA CHICA: PRELUDES OP. 8 on March 1st 2018.

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Suicidio en Guayas (Live Recoring)

Guayaquil, Ecuador, Day Zero: A man, dressed in military uniform, committed suicide by throwing himself from the tower of the city’s cathedral. Fredy Vallejos, Arsenio Cardena and I were there when he fell. The cathedral is watched by four men from the past, “fathers of the church,” brought by the colonizers.

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El corazón de lo que existe

El corazón de lo que existe is based on a poem by Argentinean writer Alejandra Pizarnik (1936-1972), included in Los trabajos y las noches (1965). This work is the result of an artistic investigation realized by the composer, dedicated in this case to the use of the word “silence” in Pizarnik’s poetry.

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Irreverence Group Music
De La Chica: Nocturnal & Circular Images Op. 5

Julián De La Chica considers himself to be an "‪experimenter‬”, not a "‪composer‬". However, he composes a micro-universe from naked atomic sound. The skin is a set of pores traversed by particles of world. The music of Mr. De La Chica explores the liminal atomic spaces between these pores and the world.

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Minimal Aggression

NY-based, Colombian composer and pianist Julián De La Chica, and Costa Rican composer, writer and musicologist, Susan Campos-Fonseca, PhD (Casa de las Américas Prize 2012), present in the album Minimal Aggression a mutual ‘interrogation’ of minimalism, its possibilities, and its trajectory in the 21st century.

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