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November 20, 2018

julian de la chica




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Lisa Moore
De La Chica: Preludes Op. 8


Described as “brilliant and searching… beautiful and impassioned… lustrous at the keyboard” by The New York Times and crowned “New York’s queen of avant-garde piano” and “visionary” by The New Yorker, the celebrated pianist Lisa Moore releases a new album DE LA CHICA: PRELUDES OP. 8 on March 1st 2018. The album - produced and published by independent record label Irreverence Group Music - is the Premiere Recording of the New York based Colombian composer Julián De La Chica's Preludes Op. 8 for piano and synthesizer.


Don't miss Preludes Op. 8 - the album recording's 
Behind the scenes and the exclusive conversation with celebrated pianist Lisa Moore and watch some
of the most stunning moments of her performance


New Album

a woman of no importance

Music by Susan Campos Fonseca & Elena Zúñiga

Portada 1500.png

An elderly woman who decides to burn all of her possessions (i.e., her memories) and to start all over. A girl who is kidnapped and murdered. A cyborg or robot who is subject to sexual and domestic slavery, becomes aware of herself and then rebels through pain as her weapon for freedom. These are the three main characters of this oratorium, which concludes with a requiem in memory of composer Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016).


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For Aniela


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