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Inspired in the every-day and urban situations of New York City, the new Album of Julián de la Chica presents the merger and experimentation with the electronic diversity of the classic and academic school.




Julián De La Chica (Piano)
Omayra (Vocals)
Triple J (Vocals)
Maria Rayo (Vocals)
Kenny Muhammad (Beat box)

Composer: Julián De La Chica

Lyric: Julián De La Chica, Omayra & Triple J

Format: Album
Release: Apr 17, 2012
Catalogue: Irreverence Group Music IGM-002
GTIN/EAN/UPC: 700261350370
Producer: Pablo Tedeschi



1. Fantasy
2. The Hours
3. Eredia
4. Profane Prayers
5. Adios Cuba (Feat. Maria Rayo)
6. You were sleeping heavily
7. Classical Flow (Feat. Omayra & Grip)
8. Presto Agitato electro (Feat. Kenny Muhammad)
9. The Parousia (Feat. Auricula)





A world of harmonies and circular ideas that grow in spiral, enclose different histories that emerge from the darkness of the sounds to manage a mediatic and hypnotic language. The piano, conductor of the history, narrates different visual experiences that go from: "Fantay" for string quartet, piano and synth, up to "The Parousia", electronic minimalism grounded in the nights of the East Village. "Presto Agitato Electro", is the irreverent proposal managed with the world-renown beat box Kenny Muhammad, and the Hip hop "Classical flow" for piano, synth, and voices, they enclose a whole eclectic trip, that takes the listener to the most unexpected spaces of the personal and collective sub-consciousness.

Julián De La Chica Photo by Marc Tousignant

Julián De La Chica
Photo by Marc Tousignant



Produced by Pablo Tedeschi
Music by Julián De La Chica

Julián De La Chica - Piano

Recorded and mixed by Pablo Tedeschi
at Pyramid Recording Studios in New York, NY.
Mastered by Carlos Silva at C1 Mastering

Program Notes by Diana Pedroni
Cover design by IGM
Photography by Marc Tousgignant
Project Manager: Olga De Bartolomé

Video by IGM
Executive producers: Jorge Arce
and Julián De La Chica

Julián De La Chica’s music is published
by JDLACHIK Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI)
Manufactured and marketed by
Irreverence Group Music (Brooklyn, NY)
Made in US. Total time: 40 min | IGM - 002
Ⓟ and Ⓒ  2012 IGM

Minimal Aggression

Minimal Aggression