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Tribute to Pauline Oliveros

On September 13, 1970, a young composer named Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016) published in The New York Times an article entitled "And Don't Call Them 'Lady' Composers", Ms. Oliveros addressed an unasked yet (tellingly so) critical question: “Why have there been no ‘great’ women composers?” Her argument is guided by a questioning of critical, historiographic and technical discourse. Oliveros explained how the cult of innovation constructs figures of "greatness," and to what extent society promotes the virilization of these discursive models.

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Tribute to Pauline Oliveros




Susan Campos - Fonseca

Format: EP
Catalogue: IGM - Lab 002
Release: May 23, 2017
Producer: IGM & Universidad de Costa Rica


Tribute to Pauline Oliveros

01. Out of Nowhere (Ana María Romano G)
02. En busca de un sonido azul (Andrea Cohen)
03. Klapotetz (Elisabeth Harnik)
04. Collage (Fernanda Rocío Huamán Pino)
05. Cometa de sombras (Mariela Arzadun)
06. Media (Heráclita Efesa)
07. Two Houses (Isabel Nogueira)
08. Airomem Ne (Itzel Noyz)
09. Mandala de 13 puntos (Karina F. Villaseñor)
10. Libélulas I (Ligia Liberatori)
11. Pianohedro 2 (Maia Koenig)
12. Eco de un espacio vacío (Mar Alzamora-Rivera)
13. Fragmentos de un sueño (Natalia Montoya)
14. Pio (Renata Roman)
15. Niña mirando estrellas (Susan Campos-Fonseca)
16. Bye Bye Pauline Butterfly (Tania Rubio)

Composer Pauline Oliveros Photo by

Composer Pauline Oliveros
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Tribute to Pauline Oliveros
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