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Präludium (Harpsichord Version)

Präludium (Harpsichord Version)

Produced by Irreverence Group Music, this Special edition contains an alternative recording of the Cycle Op. 9's first song, Präludium (Aufruf), in which Soprano Rachel Hippert collaborates with Costa Rican harpsichord player María Clara Vargas Cullell. This recording is available as a bonus track for the physical album's second release, and in iTunes will be available on September 6, 2017. The iTunes release includes new cover Artwork, Silent Witnesses by Colombian-born American painter Jorge Posada.

Praludium cover

Präludium (Harpsichord Version)


Rachel Hippert (Soprano)
María Clara Vargas Cullell (Harpsichord)


Julián De La Chica


Julián De La Chica

Format: Single
Release: September 07, 2017
Catalogue: IGM-017
GTIN/EAN/UPC: 4050215283800
Producer: IGM


01. Präludium (Harpsichord Version)

Rachel Hippert Photo by Hassan Malik

Rachel Hippert
Photo by Hassan Malik


Composer Julián De La Chica met Maestro Jorge Posada thanks to a friend who bought one of his paintings. When she brought Mr. De La Chica to his studio, he was mesmerized by Posada's art, especially his artwork Silent Witnesses. "it was if I had glimpsed the Cycle Op. 9 on canvas. Maestro Posada has the ability of seeing inside of us; he knows our misery, our glories, and his paintings are the radiography of them." Commented Mr. De La Chica.

Jorge Posada Photo by Hassan Malik

Jorge Posada
Photo by Hassan Malik


Mr. Posada proposes that: "The human figure, from the beginning of my career, has a very important role. Sometimes I depict it in a very realistic manner others only as a blurry suggestion of a human form but, always with the same intrinsic intention of exploring its qualities as a vehicle of formal expression. I prefer to establish a visual dialogue that ideally creates a communion of feelings and emotions between the public and my work."

María Clara Vargas Cullell Photo by Verónica Arias

María Clara Vargas Cullell
Photo by Verónica Arias

“This collaboration is wonderful. I love the piece and Soprano Rachel Hippert is really great. It is an honor for me to be a part of this project.”
— María Clara Vargas Cullell


Rachel Hippert & Jorge Posada Photo by Hassan Malik

Rachel Hippert
& Jorge Posada
Photo by Hassan Malik


Produced by Irreverence Group Music (IGM)
Music & Lyric by Julián De La Chica

Rachel Hippert - Soprano
María Clara Vargas Cullell - Harpsichord

Recorded by Carlos Cháves at
"María Clara Cullell Auditurium"
Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Mixed, and Mastered by Greg DiCrosta
at Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT

Notes by IGM
Artwork: Silent Witnesses by Jorge Posada.
Cover design by Lina Gracia
Photography by Hassan Malik

Video by Julián De La Chica
Executive producers for IGM
Miguel Mourato Gordo and Julián De La Chica

Julián de la Chica’s music is published
by JDLACHIK Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI)
Manufactured and marketed by
Irreverence Group Music (Brooklyn, NY)
Made in US. Total time: 4 min | IGM - 017
Ⓟ and Ⓒ  2017 IGM

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