De La Chica: Nocturnal & Circular Images Op. 5

"Listening from this perspective can be daunting to the contemporary ear; the idea of complexity as synonymous with quality, the saturation of the sound landscape and productions that represent the so-called post-post-symphonic great culture deafen us ... why? The reason lies in our need for saturation, rational self-complacency in excess, in the spectacle where nudity is not enough, where open flesh and blood, even death, do not sate us. No, we will not find that in the music of Julián De La Chica. It is writ large across the works that make up this experience: the aggression of the minimum lies there"...

Minimal Aggression

NY-based, Colombian composer and pianist Julián De La Chica, and Costa Rican composer, writer and musicologist, Dr. Susan Campos-Fonseca, PhD (Casa de las Américas Prize 2012), present in the album Minimal Aggression their mutual questions about Minimalism, their possibilities and trajectories in the XXI century. This album can be seen as a first "Manifesto" and as an artistic research, where two worlds converge: independent creation (De La Chica), and academic thinking (Campos-Fonseca).