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Close your eyes

Close your eyes

Inspired by his mother’s illness, Julián De La Chica composed “Close your eyes” in 2012. The lyrics, written and recorded by jazz singer Omayra, tell a story of a love that ides but continues in each of us, even if only in memory.

Today, Irreverence Group Music presents a new version of this song, featuring saxophone player Roman Filiù O'Reilly.

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Close your eyes


Omayra (Vocals)
Roman Filiù O'Reilly (Saxophone)
Julián De La Chica (Piano)


Julián De La Chica

Format: Single
Release: May 20, 2019
Catalogue: IGM-023
GTIN/EAN/UPC: 4050215619906
Producer: IGM


01. Close your eyes

Roman Filiù O'Reilly Photo by MIguel Mourato-Gordo

Roman Filiù O'Reilly
Photo by MIguel Mourato-Gordo



(by Omayra)

Oh my love
Close, close your eyes
For love is eternal
I am, I am here
Lean into me
I’ll guide you
Let me hold you
take a breath
then let go
Don’t be afraid
Close your eyes

After the sun has come and gone
Our light will shine
Times flows then ends
You’ll find me right by your side

Go on, just go on, and trust that I’ll follow
‘Til our time comes know that parting is such sweet sorrow
Yes, walk on, yes, walk on into the light that’s surrounding you
Beauty love has no end
So you now can rest as you
close your eyes, my love
No need to cry
Be at peace now
Nothing tears us apart
Remember I'm with you by your side
No more goodbyes no!

Hmmm, Uhhh huh oohs

Now, that your gone, my love
No more pain'  shall ever find you
Now that I’m standing here
left to pick up pieces of memories that we shared once
now that you’re gone
now that you’re gone
now that you’re gone

Close your eyes, my love
my love, I’ll follow, such sweet sorrow
No words to say coz this world was ours to borrow
Close your eyes my love.



Produced by Irreverence Group Music (IGM)
Music by Julián De La Chica
Lyrics by Omayra

Omayra - Vocals
Roman Filiù O'Reilly - Saxophone
Julián De La Chica - Piano

Recorded at
"Precision Sound Studios" in New York City
and Skillman Music Studios, in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed, and Mastered by John Garcia

Notes by IGM
Cover design by IGM
Photography by Marc Tousignant

Video by IGM
Executive producers for IGM
Miguel Mourato-Gordo and Julián De La Chica

Julián de la Chica’s music is published
by Vagabundo Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI)
Manufactured and marketed by
Irreverence Group Music (Brooklyn, NY)
Made in US. Total time: 4’33 min | IGM - 023
Ⓟ and Ⓒ  2019 IGM

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