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Psychosis, the new album of composer Julian De La Chica is Out

Irreverence Group Music presents: Psychosis, the third solo album of composer Julián De La Chica. Inspired by his last trip to Berlin, Krakow and Warsaw, De la chica immerses in electronic experimentation and influences ranging from ambient and post-minimal, to genres such as acid, industrial and minimal electronic. An album composed and produced by De La Chica in his home studio in Brooklyn, NY, whose music explores the virtual Psychosis of our times.

What awaits  Artwork by    Santiago Betancur

What awaits
Artwork by
Santiago Betancur


Album Notes

by George Grella

What is the sound of the mind?

With enough intellectual and spiritual effort, I imagine I could delve deeply enough into my mind to hear it's sound—that is, not the sounds my mind imagines but the sound of my mind imagining. But I could not, ever, hear the sound of your mind. We may be insightful enough to know ourselves completely and honestly, but we will never completely know any other person.




This video was made by Julián De La Chica as a tribute to the Jewish community. He took it at the the Holocaust memorial in Berlin