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Celebrated pianist Lisa Moore, releases a new album with music by Julian De La Chica

Described as “brilliant and searching… beautiful and impassioned… lustrous at the keyboard” by The New York Times and Crowned “New York’s queen of avant-garde piano” and “visionary” by The New Yorker, the celebrated pianist Lisa Moore, releases a new album: DE LA CHICA: PRELUDES OP. 8 on March 1st 2018

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American soprano Rachel Hippert will launch her first studio album, with music by Julian De La Chica.

Experimentelle und unbestimmte Lieder Op. 9 (Experiential and Indeterminate Songs, op. 9) is a Cycle for soprano, piano and synthesizer composed by Julián De La Chica. The music narrates a spiritual experience through the five pillars of internal transit that the composer suggests are the fundamental basis of meditation.

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Who is Julian De La Chica?

When I was a young boy I remember reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and finding myself profoundly surprised by the first lines of the novel as if it was a prophecy, asking for who would later become the most legendary character, a paradigm of the world that she dreamed: “Who is John Galt?” Without a doubt and with the same confidence that he can distinguish between talent and improvisation, natural and artificial, I must start these lines asking: Who is Julián De La Chica?

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